Carrboro Citizen Editorial

Next Monday, the board of county commissioners are due to make a decision on the location of a solid-waste transfer station, a place where the bulk of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough and Orange County’s garbage will be collected and reloaded onto semi-trucks for shipment to parts as yet unknown.

To those on the inside of the decision, the choice is pretty clear — either a spot off N.C. 54 near Orange Grove Road or one just a half-mile from the current landfill and just a stone’s throw from an old construction landfill.

With the towns’ tight budgets and concerns about the distance and suitability of the N.C. 54 site in mind, several members of the board of commissioners appear inclined toward the Millhouse site.

We believe that not only is the decision itself a false choice, but that to choose the Millhouse Road site would make a mockery of public process in Orange County.

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