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Commissioners take field trip to waste site, sans the smell

Orange County officials gathered on the spotless blacktop and filed into a tidy break room without a whiff of the dirty diapers and chicken carcasses falling into long-haul trucks on the other side of a glass window.Upstairs, on the dumping floor of the City of Greensboro Solid Waste Transfer Station, the faint smell of spoiling fish greeted but did not overwhelm them — even as front-end loaders pushed piles of garbage into holes in the floor and crane-necked tampers squished them down.

“I thought that it would smell,” said county Commissioner Pam Hemminger. “Landfills really reek.”

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Lisa Andrukonis, Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen is expected to pass a resolution today that could help the Rogers Road neighborhood receive public water and sewage services.

Much of the community, which is historically black and lower-income, does not have water pipes because it is a rural zone that is not completely within the jurisdiction of Chapel Hill or Carrboro.

The resolution would refer a petition from community members to the Assembly of Governments, which consists of elected officials in Orange County.

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Chapel Hill News – Opinion 

When we moved Maple View Farm from Maine to Orange County in 1963, we were attracted to the natural beauty of the area. We delighted in the communal and rural way of life. Now, that way of life is under threat by the county’s plan to put an unnecessary waste transfer station in the heart of our farming area.

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