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3 finalists for station in Bingham Township
CHAPEL HILL – It now appears only one neighborhood has to stay on guard against getting the county’s solid-waste transfer station in their backyard.The Orange County commissioners narrowed the choice of transfer-station sites last week to three, all within a mile of each other along N.C. 54 west of Orange Grove Road. The board will hold a public comment session some time in November, and county consultant Olver Inc. will produce a detailed comparison of the three sites.  

The board chose those three because they ranked highest on technical feasibility and community-based criteria such as environmental justice and number of residents impacted.About 150 people attended Tuesday’s meeting, many from Hillsborough, where the Town Board had already opposed any of three potential transfer-station sites there.

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By Catherine Rierson – Carrboro Citizen
Staff Writer

Nearing the end of a year-long search for a solid-waste transfer station, the Orange County Board of Commissioners decided on a list of three potential sites for the station at a work session Tuesday night. All three sites are located on a western corridor of Hwy. 54.

The other seven potential sites were removed from the initial list of 10, including the Rogers-Eubanks community in Chapel Hill, which has accommodated Orange County’s solid-waste landfill for the past 36 years.

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 25 Oct 2008 03:38 PM CDT

The Board of County Comissioners finally has seen fit to not included Eubanks Road in the narrowed list of proposed sites for the transfer station. While it ain’t over till it’s over, this is most welcome news. It looks like the BOCC has made strides in redemption by coming down this time for social and environmental justice. (read the entire posting here)

Still chances for public comment

Evan Rose, Assistant City Editor
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When the Orange County landfill closes in 2011, the 80,000 tons of garbage produced locally each year will all roll through a building in the southwestern part of the county.
That building will sit on one of three sites Orange County commissioners named Tuesday in the latest development of an almost yearlong search for a new waste transfer station.  

All three remaining sites lie on a mile-long stretch of N.C. 54 near Orange Grove Road.

The seven other potential sites from the commissioners’ list of 10 have been removed from consideration, including a location in the Rogers-Eubanks community — home to the landfill for the past 36 years.

A strong reaction from that neighborhood led commissioners to scrap plans last November to build the transfer station on Eubanks Road. 

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The Chapel Hill News – From Staff Reports
HILLSBOROUGH – The Hillsborough Town Board adopted a resolution last week opposing the siting of a county waste-transfer station in any of three recommended sites around Hillsborough.
The resolution, which has been forwarded to the Orange County Board of Commissioners, notes two of the sites are located at an entry to Hillsborough and within the town’s economic development district. The town considers the district strategically important and wants to include it within Hillsborough’s planning jurisdiction.


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Evan Rose, Assistant City Editor The Daily Tar Heel
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Commissioners received a new ranking of potential sites for Orange County’s waste transfer station Tuesday night.

The new list, drawn from criteria that include community concerns such as environmental justice, significantly reorders the previous ranking.

The new top four sites are located along a mile-long stretch of N.C. 54 near Orange Grove Road.

The Eubanks Road site, home to the county landfill since 1972, dropped four spots to No. 8. 

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Sarah Lamorte, Staff Writer The Daily Tar Heel

Two potential sites for an Orange County waste transfer station might benefit from consideration of impact on the community.

Evaluations of potential sites for the station previously ranked two Hillsborough sites as the best.

Both sites can be easily seen from I-40, especially when the trees are leafless, and both fall in one of Hillsborough’s Economic Development Districts.

“The economic development zone was put there to attract businesses, and the reality is the type of businesses you are going to have coming in beside a transfer station are not necessarily going to be tourism-type businesses,” said Nathan Robinson, a member of Hillsborough’s waste transfer station advisory committee.

County officials originally said the Hillsborough sites made the most sense logistically. 

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Waste-transfer station unlikely

Andrew Hartnett, Staff Writer

After years of housing Orange County’s waste, a site in the Rogers-Eubanks community likely will be removed from consideration for a new waste-transfer station.

Barry Jacobs, chairman of the Orange County Board of Commissioners, said it is unlikely that the Eubanks site will be on the final list of about three sites the board is to select today.

He said resident input played a very large role in the board’s evaluation of the site.

“We certainly tried to listen to the concerns that were expressed about the process we used and the choice we made,” Jacobs said. “People care a lot about social justice, and we need to be thoughtful as we proceed, especially with controversial topics.”

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