Some say transfer site proposal unjust

By: Sarah Frier, Assistant City Editor
The Daily Tar Heel 

Gertrude Nunn is tired of fighting with her next-door neighbor.
Waste has impact

When the county landfill moved into her Rogers-Eubanks Road neighborhood in 1972, a dead odor started to soak up the peace of nighttime walks. Buzzards began to feast on the trash and then crowd the tops of houses and power lines. 

Nunn and other residents in the historically black, low-income neighborhood feel their quality of life has been so altered by the landfill’s presence that it constitutes environmental racism.

“We had meetings here. We had everything, but nobody listened,” Nunn said.

As the landfill reaches capacity, county officials are deciding on criteria for siting a waste-transfer station to replace it. Residents are attending the meetings, pushing for their neighborhood to be left off the list of possible sites.

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