By: Evan Rose, Staff Writer
Daily Tar Heel 

Carl Purefoy

Carl Purefoy, a resident of the Rogers-Eubanks community, uncovers the well in his front yard. He does not drink the well water because it is a rusty color. Many residents said they do not feel safe drinking their well water, even when contaminant tests turn out negative.

Rogers Road – A community in question

Residents of the Rogers-Eubanks community, who have lived next to the Orange County Landfill for 35 years, are concerned about their health.

And as the search for a waste-transfer station site continues, many
are trying to clarify the impact the county’s trash has had on the
quality of their air and water.

Residents say they suffer from an array of health complications, from
common colds to renal failure.

Now they’re asking if fault lies with contaminants from the landfill
that could be seeping into the groundwater and drifting into the air.

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