Petition by Orange County Residents to the Board of County Commissioners  to Eliminate Eubanks Road from Consideration for the Waste Transfer Station Site Search 

            For the past 35 years the presence of landfills has degraded the quality of life for the predominantly low income, African-American residents of the Rogers Road/Eubanks neighborhoods. These residents, whose neighborhoods have a rich heritage, have tolerated risks to their well water, odor and degraded air quality, noise, and pests brought by the landfills and other solid waste facilities. The detrimental effects of a nearby waste transfer station would continue this trend of having solid waste facilities in their neighborhoods—facilities which over the years have had a disproportionate and adverse impact. We the undersigned residents of Orange County respectfully request that the Board of County Commissioners eliminate Eubanks Road from consideration for the site of the waste transfer station and any other new solid waste facilities. 

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