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Petition by Orange County Residents to the Board of County Commissioners  to Eliminate Eubanks Road from Consideration for the Waste Transfer Station Site Search 

            For the past 35 years the presence of landfills has degraded the quality of life for the predominantly low income, African-American residents of the Rogers Road/Eubanks neighborhoods. These residents, whose neighborhoods have a rich heritage, have tolerated risks to their well water, odor and degraded air quality, noise, and pests brought by the landfills and other solid waste facilities. The detrimental effects of a nearby waste transfer station would continue this trend of having solid waste facilities in their neighborhoods—facilities which over the years have had a disproportionate and adverse impact. We the undersigned residents of Orange County respectfully request that the Board of County Commissioners eliminate Eubanks Road from consideration for the site of the waste transfer station and any other new solid waste facilities. 

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or fax the petition back to us for presentation to the Board of County Commissioners.

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More than 450 signatures so far. Add your name today!


Dave Hart – Chapel Hill News 

Just as the Orange County commissioners prepared to open their new search for a site for a solid waste transfer station last week, they received word that a formal civil rights complaint concerning the transfer station had been filed with the Environmental Protection Agency.  

Due to the time lag since the complaint was initially filed, there was a bit of a disconnect to the announcement.  

Residents who live near the Orange County landfill filed the complaint last summer after the commissioners announced that they had decided to put the transfer station on Eubanks Road, where the landfill is.The commissioners, partly in response to heavy public opposition to the Eubanks Road site, subsequently backed off that decision and chose to re-open the search for another site.So in some ways the complaint was directed at a decision that has since been un-decided, although not definitively reversed.(read the full story here)

SAMUEL SPIES, Staff Writer – News and Observer

HILLSBOROUGH – The Orange County Board of Commissioners began a discussion of its contentious solid waste transfer station tonight with an announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency received a complaint about the county’s trash operations.

The complaint was filed by residents who live near the existing landfill, upset with the county’

s decision last year to operate a trash transfer station on the same site. The county has since reopened the site search, the decision largely based on community reaction.

The solid waste transfer station will be a facility to collect trash and ship it to a landfill outside the county after the current landfill is closed. (Read the full story here)


Jan 10, 2008 News Jump to Comments

By Taylor Sisk

Staff Writer – The Carrboro Citizen

This story is the seventh in a series that examines issues related to environmental justice and to the fight of the Rogers and Eubanks roads community to be relieved of what they allege to be an undue burden. To read the stories in this series and for other resources, go to

Lest you’d come to doubt, don’t. Democracy does still work in America. It’s alive and well, in fact, and toiling away right here in Orange County. But pack a lunch; a change of socks. Plan to stay late. You’ll then see it well at work.

Of course we all knew this. We were aware that democracy still works when people are willing to work at it. But it’s nice to be reminded – as we have been by our county commissioners, by the Rogers-Eubanks Coalition to End Environmental Racism (CEER), by CEER’s supporters and by the people they’ve come to represent who’ve refused to be quiet when confronted with what they perceive to be unjust treatment – by those who’ve stayed late to see that it works. When people are heard, and done deals are no longer quite so done, thank the folks who stayed late, and consider democracy being done.

Consider it – but not for long. Because nothing’s yet settled. 

(Read the complete article here.)