CHAPEL HILL – The Orange County Board of Commissioners heard the first round of public comment Thursday on the newly reopened search for a trash transfer station site. Several area residents and other community members addressed the board, thanking its members for reconsidering the proposed location on Eubanks Road near the county’s current landfill.

The transfer station would be a point where garbage trucks would drop trash to be loaded and shipped to another county.

The location decision in March was met with public outcry by residents of the nearby Rogers Road area, a predominantly black neighborhood of modest homes. They said they’ve borne the burden of the community’s trash for more than 30 years and want the transfer station to go somewhere else.

Some commissioners have said social justice concerns motivated the reconsideration. “It is important that the new search be perceived by citizens as fair,” said area resident Neloa Jones.

Robert Campbell, another area resident, urged the board to remove the Eubanks Road site from consideration altogether. “Let’s start the process with a clean slate,” he said. Campbell also asked the board to reconsider the entire transfer station concept for the county’s garbage. “Why do we want to send our trash into somebody else’s backyard?” he said.